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We are specialized in high-end digital tags for the study of animal behaviour. Our special focus are lightweight GPS-tags combined with remote datadownload capabilities. Our goal is to enable biologists to observe animals in the wild using electronic means in order to gain valuable behavioural information.

e-obs offers bird tags as well as mammal collars in numerous shapes and sizes.

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New Science Paper

SCIENCE COVER 2015-06-19

Ariana Strandburg-Peshkin, Damien R. Farine, Iain D. Couzin, Margaret C. Crofoot Shared decision-making drives collective movement in wild baboons SCIENCE 19 June 2015, Vol. 348 no. 6241 pp. 1358-1361, DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa5099

New Science Paper

Ewan D. Wakefield, Thomas W. Bodey, Stuart Bearhop, Jez Blackburn, Kendrew Colhoun, Rachel Davies, Ross G. Dwyer, Jonathan Green, David Grémillet, Andrew L. Jackson, Mark J. Jessopp, Adam Kane, Rowena H. W. Langston, Amélie Lescroël, Stuart Murray, Mélanie Le Nuz, Samantha C. Patrick, Clara Péron, Louise Soanes, Sarah Wanless, Stephen C. Votier, and Keith C. Hamer, Space Partitioning Without Territoriality in Gannets Science 1236077, Published online 6 June 2013 [DOI:10.1126/science.1236077]

SPIEGEL ONLINE: e-obs GmbH featured in the selection of the best science images of 2012

"Birgus latro, the coconut crab is an impressive beast. Researchers from Greifswald and Jena have investigated the behavior of the largest terrestrial crustacean on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. Read more..."

New Science Paper

John A. Lesku, Niels C. Rattenborg, Mihai Valcu, Alexei L. Vyssotski, Sylvia Kuhn, Franz Kuemmeth, Wolfgang Heidrich, and Bart Kempenaers, Adaptive Sleep Loss in Polygynous Pectoral Sandpipers Science 1220939, Published online 9 August 2012 [DOI:10.1126/science.1220939]